2763 Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn NY



Hair Styling Services

Haircut Included Hair styling $70
Men’s Haircut $45
Children Cut $35
Blow Dry $40-$60
Up-do $80-$150
Curls $55 and Up


Hair & Scalp Treatment

Lebel Hair Happiness Treatment $100-200
Japan, recovering treatment on cellular level  
Lebel Post Color Treatment $80
Japan, Color & Strength  
Scalp Renewal Treatment $65
Exfoliation & Refreshment  
Recovering treatment for damage hair  
Olaplex Treatment $55
Recovering treatment for bleached hair  
Lebel Phyto-Lamination  
A unique combination of herbal ingredients $100-$150
smoothens structure, adds extra volume and  
flexibility to the hair, and also protects them  
from external damage

Lasio Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment          $200-300

Сontains the lowest levels of formaldehyde

on the market

Lamination $100-$150 A unique combination of ingredients that smooth structure, adds extra volume, flexibility and protects hair from external damage

Jet Clear Hair Growth $80 Stimulates hair follicles, removes dead cells, promotes growth & provides moisturizing effect


Chemical Services

Root Color $90
Full Head Color $100-150
Toner $70
Balayage/ Ombre/ Highlights/ Air touch  $170-450 (Olaplex treatment included)
Color Removal $400 – $700