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Aesthetika surprises you with the collection of exotic facial treatments.
Each treatment leads to deep relaxation; your skin becomes smooth and gets a better tone.

Tibetan Hot Stone Massage 60 min 95$
Facial massage with heated basalt stones improves blood circulation and metabolic processes. As a result it improves the tone of your skin, reduces wrinkles and relaxes the muscles.

Lava Shell Massage 60 min 95$
Facial Massage with Philippines Shells
This exotic massage rejuvenates skin, breaks the tension, stimulates blood circulation, and leads to deep relaxation.

Sculptural Massage 60 min 95$
Sculptural face massage is unique technique of non-surgical rejuvenation, consisting of a thorough deep work-out of the facial muscles and impact
on problematic areas

Golden Facial 60 min 90$


4 candles 60 min 85$ 2 candles 30 min 60$
Ritual of warming up ears with wax candles
Candles deeply warm up and clear ear canals, release stress and help with migraines.
They are really effective during cold.